Community Youth Network Retreat – Labrador Straits, 2021

The SHIELD Project team was thrilled to join the weekend Community Youth Network Retreat held in the Labrador Straits on Oct 16-17, 2021!


Three youth groups (Port Hope Simpson, L’anse au Loup, & Flowers Cove) had so much fun, took in great presentations & jumped right into our performance arts based workshop that focused on sexual health, relationships & harm reduction.

Youth flexed their creative muscles when they broke into groups to plan and perform skits in two activities facilitated by SHIELD. In our second activity, they performed wordlessly so peers could guess the prompt behind their silent story!

We made space for curiosity through a tried and true snowball activity, where sexual health and relationship questions are written down and crumpled up on paper. We’ll answer any question and no one knows who asks which question, because they all become mixed in a paper snowball fight.

Of course, the wonderfully adventurous weekend wasn’t complete until we wrapped up with condom demonstrations, and had participants practice wrapping with external condoms and wooden models.

We’re so grateful that we were invited by CYN to participate in their retreat and take time to talk about sexual health, relationships and harm reduction!

Big thanks to the youth & organizers for this awesome weekend!

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