Safer Sex Is… Campaign

Safer Sex Is… campaign materials were created by the Labrador Friendship Centre’s SHIELD Project. All info in this short & sweet campaign was sourced from Campaign materials are available in English, Inuttitut & Innu-aimun. We’re excited to have been able to distribute these posters to communities throughout Labrador, thanks to numerous partners who support our work at SHIELD. We encourage you to share & save online as well or request a Dropbox link to download the full set by calling our office at 709-896-8302 ext. 224 or inbox us on social media!


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#HPVAwareness Campaign

The Labrador Friendship Centre’s SHIELD Project is proud to launch our #HPVAwareness campaign. Most sexually active Canadians will have at least one HPV infection in their lifetime- but HPV vaccines, condoms & dental dams can help prevent HPV spread!

Sources are from SOGC and Planned Parenthood, NL. Quote from SOGC’s All of Us Against HPV event, recording available on Youtube.

#HerpesAwareness Campaign

The SHIELD Project is proud to launch our #HerpesAwareness campaign. Herpes simplex virus is incredibly common and spreads through skin to skin contact.

There’s so much you to learn about navigating herpes and relationships! You can check out our sources here: 




Seasons greetings from the SHIELD Project staff!

Message from our holiday postcard reads: We’re wishing you a safe & happy holiday season and all the best in the New Year at the LFC SHIELD Project! Take care & thank you for another fantastic year from our Project Coordinator Denise Cole & Project Assistant Jade Rachwal. 

Plus, you know our project staff is invested in sexual health when even our door decorations promote safer sex.

Warm wishes and big thanks for all the support the SHIELD Project has had in this past year. We look forward to servicing communities & youth in Labrador in 2022!

Cartwright Youth Tour

The SHIELD Project and Violence Prevention Labrador staff travelled to Cartwright from December 6-8 2021. We are incredibly grateful for the connections we made and the amazing community support throughout our visit and events!

We started the week with a Community Groups & Agencies Roundtable to talk about youth health, relationships, violence prevention and other important topics.

Our first youth event was a Wenlido Self Defense & Healthy Relationships Workshop. We talked about boundaries, conflict and consent before starting a great evening of practicing self defense techniques.

A Youth Paint Night took place on December 7th, 2021. We talked about healthy relationships, sexual health and harm reduction while we painted. 

We also visited Henry Gordon Academy to share a presentation on Gender Identity & Sexuality on December 8th. In the afternoon, a Parent, Guardian & Supportive Adult Drop-In was held.

We concluded our week with a Youth Movie Night and further discussion on gender identity & sexual orientation. It was a wonderful few days of community events. We can’t say thanks enough to everyone who made our SHIELD youth tour such a huge success. Thank you to Community Youth Network Cartwright, Labrador Grenfell Health, NunatuKavut, Sandwich Bay 50 Plus Club, Henry Gordon Academy, and Violence Prevention Labrador. Big thanks to all the youth who attended our events and the fantastic team of supportive adults who helped to organize. We can’t wait to visit again!