Youth Opportunities

Labrador Artist Role Model Sessions

Labrador artists will share their stories and work with participants on interactive projects. Art can take many forms including digital, dance, performance, music, graphic, visual, audio, written, tattooing, textiles, carving, photography and many more.

Our goal is to connect young people and artists in meaningful ways that bring wellbeing together with art, culture and technology. These sessions will begin in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and extend into coastal Nunatsiavut & NunatuKavut communities in the future.

ACT Retreat (completed)

October 6-8, 2018 – FREE for individuals aged 13-18 in the Happy Valley-Goose Bay area.

This exciting 3 day ACT (Art, Culture and Technology) Retreat was an incredible learning journey with international award winning multi-media artist Liz Solo!

Participants learned in-depth art based technology skills to advance their talents and online presence using their smartphones and other technology. Hands-on training included photography, audio recording, visual art and combining different art forms such as music, performance, graphic and dance.

Those attending had the opportunity to explore their life goals and be part of a supportive team. Local artists and health care experts assisted in building confidence and wellbeing.

ACT Summit 2019 (completed)

ACT Summit 2019 happened in Happy Valley-Goose Bay July 21 to 27. (Dates for the Summer 2020 Summit are to be announced.)

FREE for individuals aged 14-18 from Lake Melville, Innu Nation, Nunatsiavut & NunatuKavut communities

Participants advanced their skills in art and technology. Smart phones, tablets and imaginations were all tools for this experience.

Young people from central and coastal Labrador came together as a team to explore their life goals, build confidence, and learn about staying healthy.

These summits are for those who are interested in art, culture and technology in any form.

Peer ACT Teams & Youth Led Events

Young people involved in SHIELD events will be given the opportunity to grow as Peer ACT Teams in their communities and schools. Project Coordinator Denise Cole, local artist role models and health care professionals will help members turn their ideas into reality using ACT (Art, Culture and Technology).

With this support, each team will design and develop events and activities that they want to see in their communities. Events will be captured digitally to share online on the SHIELD social media platforms. These ACT Creations can be found Here. Whether attending an event or organizing it, there is a role for everyone!

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