SHIELD (Sexual Health Information Exchange Labrador District) Project

SHIELD (Sexual Health Information Exchange Labrador District) Project is a youth led and adult supported initiative encouraging positive sexual health, personal wellness and healthy relationships through Art, Culture, and Technology (ACT) empowerment opportunities and life experiences.

SHIELD Highlights

  • Strengthen academic, artistic & life goals
  • Express ideas, concerns & dreams in a safe & supportive environment
  • Learn from award winning Artists & Professionals
  • Work with Indigenous role models & health care experts in fun and interactive ways

SHIELD Youth Opportunities

  • Labrador Artist Role Model Sessions
  • ACT Retreat (October 2018)
  • ACT Summits (Summers of 2019 & 2020)
  • Youth Led Events
  • Peer ACT Teams


Using ACT, central/coastal Labradorians aged 14-18 will:

  • Build their self-worth, leadership skills and overall wellbeing
  • Enhance their knowledge of healthy relationships and sexual health
  • Learn effective interventions and prevention methods to lower the transmission of HIV, Hep C, and other STBBIs (sexually transmitted/blood borne infections)

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