Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week – December, 2019

SHIELD Coordinator Denise Cole is also the Labrador representative on the Board of the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network who organizes event for the annual national Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week. 3 excellent events were hosted by SHIELD along with a daily awareness social media campaign. We were very happy to also partner with Labrador Grenfell Health, Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation, NunatuKavut Community Council, and Nunatsiavut Dept of Health & Social Development during the week. A well-attended film luncheon started the week at the Labrador Friendship Centre in Goose Bay. This was followed up by a youth movie & activities night at the Ussiniun Youth Centre in Sheshatshiu. Both events showcased the film Strong Medicine. We wrapped up the week with lunchtime activities/giveaways at Mealy Mountain Collegiate in Goose Bay.

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