Chlamydia And You Campaign

Chlamydia is the highest reported sexually transmitted infection in Labrador.

The LFC SHIELD Project recognizes that chlamydia rates are a serious issue in Labrador. In light of this, we’ve put a campaign together to spread knowledge & awareness!. Follow our social media pages for more and to stay up to date.

Looking for more information? Contact
– The LFC SHIELD Project
– Your local health organization, or

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Ethan Angnatok

SHIELD was proud to host Labrador Unplugged winner Ethan Angnatok from Nain for three days to claim his prize! This included a recording session with Jamie Felsberg & Matthew Barrett at the Lawrence O’Brien Arts Centre. Ethan also worked with the team from NunatuKavut Youth Community Engagement Project to get loads of footage that will be use for a music video of his song! We want to congratulate & thank Ethan for all his hard work. He has such a great attitude & passion for music! We also want to thank our funders, project partners & everyone who supported SHIELD’s Labrador Unplugged.

Labrador Unplugged

Labrador Unplugged was the LFC SHIELD Projects big summer show. The participants included youth ages 11 – 18 from all around Labrador with representation from many different communities and from each ethnic group found in Labrador. Found below is a collection of photos from each Labrador Unplugged performance!


Safer Sex is Campaign

SHIELD Project aims to create safe spaces for youth ages 12-18 in Labrador to talk about sexual health and enjoy art, culture & technology activities. This is our “Safer Sex Is…” Campaign created by our SHIELD Youth Worker. All information has been sourced from (Safer Sex Guide). Please, take the time to read each caption which includes more resource links that you are welcome to use and share with others.

to use and share with others.

Hep C and Me Campaign

#HepCandMe Campaign.

As numbers rise in the Labrador Grenfell Health region, we want us to talk more openly about hepatitis C. What is it. How to get it. Importance of getting tested if you are at risk. How to treat and cure it. Let’s all do our part to reduce hepatitis C in our communities. For more information, please talk to your local health care provider (they will keep your info private).

You can also visit this great online resource: or reach out to us at SHIELD.

This campaign has been developed by our SHIELD Youth Worker and information source is